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What You Don’t Know About Calcium & Osteoporosis Prevention
Why calcium supplements reduce bone-related fracture risk in some studies and not in others, why different nations have vastly different calcium requirements, how to know if you need vitamin D and calcium supplements, and, most importantly, the best nutritional approach to prevent osteoporosis.

Supplements That Really Work
The only U.S. physician with an endowed position to study dietary supplements and author of The Supplement Handbook discusses when supplements perform comparably to drugs, how to determine what supplements to take, and why he generally avoids supplements for prevention. (Quick Read)

When Supplements Really Work, Part I: Supplements Perform Like Drugs: The only U.S. physician with an endowed position to study supplements discusses how they have changed lives, selecting what you need, calibrating responsiveness, the perils of pill politics, & more. Includes: vitamin E helping Alzheimer’s patients, vitamin formula to treat macular degeneration, B2 for reducing migraine frequency, the perils of vitamin E and prostate cacer and vitamin C and kidney stones.

When Supplements Really Work, Part II: The Right Fit for Your Fitness: Physician and supplement specialist Dr. Mark Moyad advises on how to investigate and select the right brands, the best times to take pills, what forms to use, and more. Includes research on multivitamins for cancer and cataract prevention, calcium and vitamin D to prevent bone loss and fractures, and how to determine whether your vitamin brands are safe.

«D» Is for «Don't Know Yet"--D₃ & Prostate Cancer Prevention: A pilot study indicates that Vitamin D₃ supplementation after a prostate biopsy reduced inflammation and might prevent low-grade prostate tumors from becoming aggressive—but there’s much more to the story.

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