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The Healthiest Diet Known To Science
Internationally renowned nutrition authority Dr. David Katz cuts through the food feuds to reveal the most important scientifically proven healthy diet prescriptions for a long and vital life. Includes discussion of the association of excess sodium with low bone mass.

Your Targeted Exercise Guide for Osteoporosis Prevention
Want to really protect yourself against osteoporosis-related fractures? An Honest Health News Exclusive: The strength-training and weight-bearing exercises best proven to build bone in the 3 most common osteoporosis fracture sites, and putting bone-building mechanics to work for you.

What You Don’t Know About Calcium & Osteoporosis Prevention
Why calcium supplements reduce bone-related fracture risk in some studies and not in others, why different nations have vastly different calcium requirements, how to know if you need supplements, and, most importantly, the best nutritional approach to prevent osteoporosis.

When Supplements Really Work, Part II: The Right Fit for Your Fitness: Physician and supplement specialist Dr. Mark Moyad advises on how to investigate and select the right brands, the best times to take pills, what forms to use, and more. Includes research on preventing bone loss and fractures.

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