Muscle Mass

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Your Targeted Exercise Guide for Osteoporosis Prevention
Want to really protect yourself against osteoporosis-related fractures? An Honest Health News Exclusive: The strength-training and weight-bearing exercises best proven to build bone in the 3 most common osteoporosis fracture sites, and putting bone-building mechanics to work for you.

What You Don’t Know About Calcium & Osteoporosis Prevention
Why calcium supplements reduce bone-related fracture risk in some studies and not in others, why different nations have vastly different calcium requirements, how to know if you need supplements, and, most importantly, the best nutritional approach to prevent osteoporosis.

Can You Ace The 2015 Healthy Living Quiz?
How much do you know about evidence-based healthy living? Test yourself (no «acing» necessary) and learn more about how to build muscle and improve your health by taking our 2015 quiz.

How To Preserve Your Lower Body for Life
Your lower body muscles control most of your independence—sitting, standing, and walking depend on them. Here—from the editor of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Resources for the Group Exercise Instructor—is the quickest, most efficient way to keep them strong for the rest of your life.

The Powerful Overlooked Depression Treatment
Why the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association recommend exercise to treat depression, and the 5 science-tested exercise strategies (including strength training) to maximize results. (Quick Read)

The Proven Powerful Natural Overlooked Medicine for Depression
Exercise of all kinds may help reduce depression. These 5 exercise prescriptions have the best proven results. #1: Combining strength and aerobic training is better than aerobic exercise alone.

Push-Up and Pull for a Lifetime of Power
We can halt and even reverse the muscle fiber and strength losses associated with aging. For the upper body, just two exercises will do the job. Here’s how.

Protein: The Mortality Protector. Are You Getting Enough?: We’ve long known that we need sufficient protein to live. But now, research reveals that we need more protein as we age—to live healthfully and longer. Protein losses associated with aging can lead to serious decreases in muscle mass (sarcopenia)—but this can be reversed with proper diet and exercise.

Exercise + Protein: Perfect Partners in Mortality Prevention (Part II)
The science of staying strong: Which proteins best build muscle mass, best amounts after exercise, best aerobics and strength training for older adults, best options for vegetarians and vegans.

Part III: Pumping Up Protein—Foods To Choose, Facts To Use: The conclusion of the 3-part protein series: A protein eating primer--how to know if your proteins are easily digestible and if you’re getting the right ones--plus Honest Health News' ""Pump Up Your Healthy Proteins Chart."

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