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«D» Is for «Don't Know Yet"--D₃ & Prostate Cancer Prevention: A pilot study indicates that Vitamin D₃ supplementation after a prostate biopsy reduced inflammation and might prevent low-grade prostate tumors from becoming aggressive—but there’s much more to the story.

Exercise and Sexual Performance in Men: What the Latest Research Says--and Doesn’t: Men who exercise more appear to have better erectile and sexual function. Or do they?

When Supplements Really Work, Part I: Supplements Perform Like Drugs: The only U.S. physician with an endowed position to study supplements discusses how they have changed lives, selecting what you need, calibrating responsiveness, the perils of pill politics, & more. Includes research about male sexual function, supplements that prevent cancer and cataracts in men, and more.

When Supplements Really Work, Part II: The Right Fit for Your Fitness: Physician and supplement specialist Dr. Mark Moyad advises on how to investigate and select the right brands, the best times to take pills, what forms to use, and more. Includes research on multivitamins and cancer and cataract prevention in men, and more.

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