Life Expectancy

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The Healthiest Diet Known To Science
Internationally renowned nutrition authority Dr. David Katz cuts through the food feuds to reveal the most important scientifically proven healthy diet prescriptions for a long and vital life.

What Every Adult Needs To Know About Exercising for Health
The exercise Rx proven to significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, prostate, breast, and colon cancer—and extend your life. Interview with the American College of Sports Medicine’s Immediate Past President Carol Ewing Garber, PhD.

Protein: The Mortality Protector. Are You Getting Enough?: We’ve long known that we need sufficient protein to live. But now, research reveals that we need more protein as we age—to live healthfully and longer.

How To Have a Healthy Heart, Part I: Take "Vitamin L"
More than 75% of heart disease diagnoses can be prevented. Dr. Joel Kahn teaches how.

How To Have a Healthy Heart, Part II: What MDs Aren’t Telling You
Health care providers can easily miss health disease. In Part II of this series (read Part I first), Dr. Joel Kahn explains the vital additional tests you need—and how exercise and Transcendental Meditation can significantly reduce your risk.

When Supplements Really Work, Part I: Supplements Perform Like Drugs: The only U.S. physician with an endowed position to study supplements discusses how they have changed lives, selecting what you need, calibrating responsiveness, the perils of pill politics, & more. Includes research on living a longer, healthier life.

When Supplements Really Work, Part II: The Right Fit for Your Fitness: Physician and supplement specialist Dr. Mark Moyad advises on how to investigate and select the right brands, the best times to take pills, what forms to use, and more. Includes research on living longer and healthier.

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