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The Healthiest Diet Known To Science
Internationally renowned nutrition authority Dr. David Katz cuts through the food feuds to reveal the most important scientifically proven healthy diet prescriptions for a long and vital life.

15 Fascinating Findings About Your Bacteria and Your Brain: Researchers from all over the world are now investigating the remarkably real relationship between the bacteria in our gut and how we think and feel. Here are 15 fascinating findings that may help in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress. Includes research on probiotics and prebiotics.

Protein: The Mortality Protector. Are You Getting Enough?: We’ve long known that we need sufficient protein to live. But now, research reveals that we need more protein as we age—to live healthfully and longer.

Part III: Pumping Up Protein—Foods To Choose, Facts To Use: The conclusion of the 3-part protein series: A protein eating primer—how to know if your proteins are easily digestible and if you’re getting the right ones—plus Honest Health News' ""Pump Up Your Healthy Proteins Chart."

Alzheimer’s Prevention Diet Linked with 53% Lower Risk:
Following this MIND diet is associated with halving one’s risk for the disease. (Quick Read)

MIND Diet Associated with Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk: The diet known by an apt acronym, MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay), is associated with a significantly reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Vegetarianism & Colorectal Cancer Risk--Nuanced Findings: Eating a vegetarian diet—especially a pescovegetarian diet—is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancers in both men and women, according a new study.

How To Have a Healthy Heart, Part I: Take "Vitamin L": More than 75% of heart disease diagnoses can be prevented. Dr. Joel Kahn teaches how. Includes vegetables that lower blood pressure, number of daily fruit and vegetable servings that lower mortality risk.

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