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The Powerful Overlooked Depression Treatment
Why the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association recommend exercise to treat depression, and the 5 science-tested exercise strategies to maximize results. (Quick Read)

The Proven Powerful Natural Overlooked Medicine for Depression
Exercise of all kinds—yoga, qi gong, and tai chi too—may help reduce depression. These 5 exercise prescriptions have the best proven results.

What Every Adult Needs To Know About Exercising for Health
The exercise Rx proven to significantly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, prostate, breast, and colon cancer—and extend your life. Also discusses exercise and depression research, with best exercise to alleviate depression protocols. Interview with the American College of Sports Medicine’s Immediate Past President Carol Ewing Garber, PhD.

When Supplements Really Work, Part I: Supplements Perform Like Drugs: The only U.S. physician with an endowed position to study supplements discusses how they have changed lives, selecting what you need, calibrating responsiveness, the perils of pill politics, & more. Includes the synergistic effect of exercise and anti-depressants.

15 Fascinating Findings About Your Bacteria and Your Brain: Researchers from all over the world are now investigating the remarkably real relationship between the bacteria in our gut and how we think and feel. Here are 15 fascinating findings that may help in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress.

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