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Honest Health News marries integrative health with strong science-based research, so that all readers, especially middle aged and older adults, can make educated, wise decisions to care for themselves, grounded in the most recent, evidence-based, and nuanced reportage to date. Accessible and easy to read, its features are also more thorough and analytic— and thereby more accurate and acknowledging of readers' intelligence—than the health news commonly found elsewhere. Started by veteran editor and health journalist Joy M. Weinberg, a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, it specializes in health stories designed to change lives.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: Joy M. Weinberg
Social Media Director: Danielle Gold

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1 Response

  1. Beth Wallace says:

    Joy! Your website is amazing! What a lot of work and research. Very attractive, colorful, informative, and well laid out.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Will continue to share.

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