What You Don’t Know About Calcium & Osteoporosis Prevention

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  1. Robert E. Dickson says:

    Hi Joy,
    When are we going to finally get off this «magic bullet» idea of health, nutrition, & fitness? Do, eat, or supplement with one thing to solve a complex problem. That’s insane! You don’t need to be highly educated to see that this flies in the face of common sense.

    Doctors & nutritionists have been 'prescribing' calcium to prevent/cure osteoporosis for decades now. However, the amount of calcium that you take in has very little effect (as many studies have 'proven'). What has effect is the amount of calcium that is absorbed and properly used by the body.

    And this principle is not limited to calcium. You can eat all the flax seed you want to supplement Omega 3's and lignans but, if the seeds are not broken first, they will be very poorly digested and, therefor, very little benefits will be achieved. The same is true for calcium. It has taken 'professionals' how many decades now to finally recommend taking calcium in combination with vitamin D. Now, what about all the other nutrients which are necessary for the optimal absorption and use of calcium in the body, and their ratios to each other… magnesium, vitamin C, boron, etc, etc?

    Without these, of course the calcium is going to be 'misused' by the body… kidney stones, calcification where you don’t want calcification, etc.

    The same thing is happening in the fitness world. Aerobics is the 'ultimate' form of fitness and is all you need to do to be fit. Oh no, it’s cardio that does that. No, wait… resistance training is the ultimate form of fitness.

    Let’s make this concept idiotproof using nutrition as an example. All you need to eat to be healthy is (insert your choice of one food here… not a food group… one single food). Now, how logical is that? It doesn’t work for nutrition and it doesn’t work for most other things either.

    Taking supplements without consulting a qualified person is self-medicating and this is why I very strongly discourage taking single vitamins or minerals.

    Safe, effective supplementation is not grabbing the cheapest (or the most expensive) vitamin or mineral off the shelf at your local drugstore. That’s like walking behind the counter of the pharmacy and grabbing some medicine that you read about in some magazine.

    On the other hand, the scare tactics of serious side effects from nutritional supplements goes way overboard. Inferring that if you take a calcium supplement, you may die of a heart attack is ludicrous. Drinking protein shakes can cause damage your kidneys!

    OK… show me the research where drinking protein shakes has caused kidney damage in healthy people. And overuse of aminocetaphen is the #1 cause of liver failure in America… not some supplement… but how often do you hear warnings in the media about paracetamol or cough syrups, etc?

    Bottom line: There needs to be much more prescribing of common sense in the health fields.

    • honesthealthnews.org says:

      More prescribing of common sense, absolutely! Thanks for sharing your perspectives.

      By the way, we published an interview with Dr. Mark Moyad, author of The Supplement Handbook, who offers common-sense prescriptions for supplement use, beginning with: In general, don’t take any unless you have fully tried and failed to treat your problem with a sensible diet.

  2. Doug says:

    Insightful article. Important and well done. Congratulations

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